May 17, 2018

TV Producer Killed After His e-Cigarette Exploded And Burnt 80% Of His Body (Photo)

A TV producer has been killed by exploding e-cigarette which exploded at his home and burnt 80 per cent of his body in America's first vaping accident fatality. 

A 38-year-old TV producer, identified as Tallmadge Wakeman D'Elia, has died tragically after his e-cigarette exploded, penetrated his brain and left him with burns to 80 per cent of his body in a fire in his St Petersburg, Florida bedroom on May 5.

According to Dailymail UK, examiners explained that the e-cigarette made a 'projectile wound' in D'Elia's skull, becoming lodged in his brain.

His death is the first in the USA to be caused by a vaping pen.

The brand of vaping pen was recorded as Smok-E Mountain Mech Works, which produces unregulated e-cigarettes described as not coming with 'safety features'. It is not known why the device blew up.

The death of D'Elia who worked for CNBC as a producer before moving to Florida and going freelance, has been explained as 'accidental', with a new report claiming that he suffered 80 per cent burns.

While speaking to a correspondent, the victim's neighbor, Dale Kleine, said she was the one who identified D'Elia's burned body.

She told Fox6: 'I saw the smoke coming out of the roof and we were hoping that nobody was home but then we found out that Wake was home.'

Deputy fire marshal, Steven Lawrence, who attended the scene, said vape pens can 'become pieces of flying debris and shrapnel'.

He added: 'It's like having a small ... firecracker in your hand. It can explode and at that point it can project either the pieces of the lighter itself or the vape pen.'

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